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I came to Aviva with both emotional issues and some physical pain. Her non-judgmental listening skills allowed me to relax almost immediately. With intuitive sensitivity, Aviva’s insight enabled me to see through the blocks I was creating unconsciously, to get to the heart of the matter. She helped me see other ways of thinking.
There was also some neck and shoulder pain leading to headaches. Aviva’s Reiki healing skills helped me get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Aviva.

I recommend you contact Aviva for any kind of help. If she doesn’t have the solution, she’ll know where to refer you.

David EMusician

Working with Aviva has been both powerful and delightful. She has an amazing ability to cut through to the core of an issue with an empathy and a delightful humour that puts me at ease. This is beyond just therapy. Aviva’s deep knowledge in healing and an intuitive ability to connect to the heart is transformative and sharp. A friend in more ways than one, she has helped me realise fears that I didn’t want to face, and shown me how I do have the strength to overcome them to improve my life.

Lisa M.Writer

I’ve encountered several difficult situations in my life beside the everyday stresses, which weren’t expected. Although I try to keep a positive attitude & try to handle things to the best of my potential, there were moments where I felt completely lost & devastated. I didn’t know what to do. At these times, I turned to Aviva & she always knew how to help me better understand my problems & how to come up with solutions, and how my problems might be a blessing in disguise. She also helped me sort out my thoughts & emotions to better understand them. Aviva is an excellent coach & I highly recommend her. She has definitely made a positive impact on my life & she will make a positive impact on yours too.

Linda G.LVN

Aviva Eagle has been instrumental in my life. Her coaching has helped me see things within myself that were invisible to me and holding me back in different areas in my life. As a result, I have not only been able to become aware of those blocks but finally worked on them to assist in my healing and growth as a man and a soul. If you are looking to experience an extraordinary transformation within yourself and your life then I highly recommend Coach Aviva.

Doc BarhamTransformational Speaker Doc Barham Speaker

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