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Breakthrough Session

What is a Breakthrough Session?

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a unique personal development session, which is tailored specifically for you. The aim of this session is to equip you with the tools to allow you to let go of negative emotional baggage, hindering and limiting beliefs that have held you back. Develop true self-confidence, self-acceptance, inner balance, level-headedness, inner peace, happiness and a sense of direction and motivation.

A Personal Breakthrough Session consists of a variety of techniques that are very different from traditional counseling methods, such as Master Practitioner NLP methods, Mental Emotional Release ®, Quantum Linguistics, Values Elicitation & Hierarchy, Meta Programs elicitation, Hypnosis and an array of other techniques. This approach goes to the root cause of any problem, effectively ‘digging out the root of the weeds’ and planting new and positive seeds that will blossom into empowerment!

How Does A Breakthrough Session Work?

A breakthrough session is 6 – 8 hours long (yes, you will get a restroom & food break.)

After a pre-session consultation on the phone, we then meet for the session. You will be assigned a homework task prior to our first meeting.

You can make massive changes with about 6 – 8 hours work, because the techniques we use talk directly to your unconscious mind where all the lasting change takes place quickly. The beauty of this session is that not only will you let go of any emotional baggage; you will learn how to formulate an exciting goal using precise language that your unconscious mind understands to enable you to achieve it! So it’s about turning dreams into reality. How good will it feel, look and sound to write a goal down and achieve it?

Breakthrough Session Details:

Personal Detailed History

A 2-hour session (on average) uncovering the Root Cause of your Presenting Problems.  Quantum Linguistics is used to ‘blow up’ the boundaries of your problems. Your practitioner will be eliciting the context, structure and process of your language to understand on how you do your problems.


A 1 to 1.5 hour session eliciting your values.  Values is ‘what is important to you’.  One out of six major areas of life will chosen to elicit your values. They are:  Health, Career, Relationships, Personal Development, Spirituality and Family.  During the elicitation, we will discover which values are in conflict with each other and which ones have ‘away from’ motivation. A main cause of your desired behaviors not matching with your actual behaviors is because of your value conflicts and ‘away from’ motivation. 

Achievable Outcome

A 1 to 1.5 hour session creating a powerful Achievable Outcome using specific questions produce by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). ‘Perception is Projection’.  You always get what you focus on.  Therefore, your Achievable Outcome is of a great allowing you to see, hear and feel that which you are most wanting to see, hear and feel. 

Mental & Emotional Release Techniques

A 1 to 1.5 hour session releasing effectively your suppressed Anger, Sadness, Fear and Guilt rooted in the first ‘significant emotional event’.  After eliciting your unconscious time line, we will be using to go back to the root cause of your emotional trauma and comfortably release the repressed negative emotion. All learnings are preserved at a unconscious level during this powerful process. 

Limiting Decisions/Beliefs and Anxiety

A 1 hour session using your unconscious time line to eliminate your limiting decisions/beliefs. Henry Ford said it the best, “Whether you think you can or you can not, you are right.”  Your beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious of them, can be very empowering and others limiting you abilities to achieve your desires, goals and dreams.  The majority of these beliefs you are not even aware, making difficult to overcome them.  Your practitioner will effectively uncover many of your limiting beliefs during your Personal Detail History and Values elicitation. In this session, specific anxiety will also be eliminated using your unconscious time line. 

Parts Integration

A 1 hour session integrating your parts, resolving internal conflicts within your neurology. Pars are born from your ‘Significant Emotional Events’.  They serve to protect a non-integrated behavior and is a source of incongruency in you. They often represent minor personalities and functionally are detached from the rest of your Nervous System.  We will discover your parts during your Personal Detail History and Values elicitation. In this session your parts will be integrated as a whole in your neurology. 


A 30 minute session allowing you to be ‘pono’ (to make right) with others and yourself.  It is the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness.  This powerful process will allow you to clean up your past and current relationships.  To forgive old past hurts is to release your anger and resentment toward others, which only hurts you.  You will be guided into a loving process making it ‘right’ in your unconscious mind.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A 1 to 1.5 hour session usin NLP techniques to create positive changes at conscious and unconscious level.  NLP will be used to effectively break old unwanted patterns, behaviors and habits and installing new empowering ones. During this session, we will be creating new resources deep in your neurology to be used for future experiences.

An 1 to 1.5 hour session using powerful hypnosis to ‘reprogram’ your unconscious mind for Personal Empowerment.  Together, you and your practitioner will create effective suggestions for a deep profound change during a state of trance. You will experience a deep state of relaxation while receiving suggestions creating long lasting positive behavior results.

A 30 minute session communicating with your unconscious mind.  Pendulum work is an effective and easy way to direct your unconscious mind to your desired results.  I’ts most effective for personal  healing work.  You will be taught effectively and easily on how to personally use Pendulum for permanent wanted changes.

Learning State
A 30 minute session teaching you how to enter a profound state of awareness.  In the ancient practice of  Huna, this state awareness is known as the  Hakalau state.  You will be guided to a state of peripheral vision balancing your right and left hemispheres.  In this state of awareness you will experience peace, tranquility and ecstatic. Suggestions from your practitioner will be given for continued positive changes in your neurology.

S.M.A.R.T Goals
A 1 hour session creating powerful and motivating goals using the S.M.A.R.T system. You will create 3 to 5 goals from your Achievable Outcome and install it into your future working with your unconscious time line.  You will be easily taught this goal process for future effective installments deep in your unconscious mind (The goal getter).

Personal Affirmations

A 30 minute session creating powerful personal affirmations for you to use daily.  Your practitioner will create this affirmations based on your Personal Detail History, Values and Achievable Outcome.  Daily affirmations are a powerful way to affirm the positive changes will experience during your sessions.  This affirmations will effectively help to continue to ‘Focus On What You Want!’


A 30 minute session where you will be taught the power of self-hypnosis.  Self-Hypnosis is a powerful way to reinforce the changes and learnings you have achieved during your sessions.  You can than use self-hypnosis to change, install or delete or wanted/unwanted behavior.  You will learn several ways to enter a profound state of trance and effectively give yourself powerful suggestions.

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