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Understanding my experience

It all started when I went to my gynecologist and got a confirmation that I was pregnant on Thursday, March 28th 2013. I was almost 9 weeks along. The nurse congratulated me, took my blood for blood test, urine test, etc.…My HCG levels were high, and the pregnancy was confirmed.  My due date was November […]


True forgiveness

Where does forgiveness really start? It starts with you forgiving yourself first. No matter what has been done to you, forgiving your abuser is extremely important. It’s part of your healing. You’re doing it for you, not for the abuser. When I was sixteen I was dating Leon (name changed for anonymity purpose.) I really […]


My father’s gift to me

Have you had the feeling that you just can’t take it anymore? You can’t feel because the pain is unbearable? Lay there motionless and confused? Can you relate? That’s how I felt when I was seven years old. One day my father told me to get undressed and to lay on the bed on my […]


Even though I was molested, I’m a thriving survivor

Being molested at a young age makes you wonder, what have I done? Was I a bad boy/girl? Did I deserve this? All these questions stay with you for years. Later in life you may get into dysfunctional relationships and not understand why. It’s because there are a lot of unconscious baggage that we are […]


Finally understanding myself

When you have a problem and you’re aware of it, you are likely to work on it and fix it. But what if you have unconscious baggage? How would you know you had something that needed fixing? A few days ago I spoke to a wonderful friend, and while we were speaking things became clear […]


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